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Sedoo Ryu about 4 years

The bus I took was quite new, but doesn’t look like it is maintained well enough. Inside was filthy, some of the seats have no seatbelts. But A/C is good enough and departure and arrival time are very on scheduled, well punctual.

CN about 4 years

Luciana about 4 years

We had a great experience, the bus was new and very comfortable. The only bad thing that I can think of is that they put movies the entire journey with very loud volume, and it’s kinda uncomfortable if you wanna sleep. Apart from that it was great !

Phirom about 4 years

Ribelly about 4 years

Really bad, because when i arrived the bus station no seat for me.

Sengnguon about 4 years

I would like to recommend Meyhong bus such a comfortable and one more would like to request, please let us to select the seat accordingly. Thank you if you let us to select the seat.

Hee Young Kim about 4 years

So comfortable :)

Nalini about 4 years

Bus left on time and reached destination on time. No complaints. Good trip. Please allow us to select seats when booking.

Dy over 4 years

Bus departure on time & seat bed also fine.

May Ibrahim over 4 years

it was a bit confusing since they pick us up drop us at the station and again took us to another station to take a van. Memorable experience and good driver. Overall rating is 8.5 out of 10

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