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Traveller 51798 about 4 years

Good service

Traveller 51798 about 4 years

Good service

Maira Mercier about 4 years

Traveller 52040 about 4 years

Sleeping seat was too narrow even for a regular Asian size. Not so comfortable to sleep.

Misstara about 4 years

Usually the service is excellent but this time the driver stopped too many times and nearly had an accident.

Lucky about 4 years

(+) the seat is big and spacious (-) I could see some cockroach on the wall and seat sometimes.

MissRose over 4 years

I have used this company again and again and have never had a problem. Comfortable seats and they don’t make unnecessary stops like some other companies. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Chris G over 4 years

Dragen Milosevic over 4 years

Good very fast. Bus seats were very spacious and comfortable seats but a bit old. They stopped at good stops but the stop in kampong thom was very expensive shop.

Benito over 4 years

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