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Traveller 73038 over 4 years

My trip from siem reap to phnom penh leaving at 10am and suppose to reach phnom penh at 4pm, but i am a bit disappointed that the bus leave too late and got to other place to pick up people, Not too much traffic but i arrived phnom penh at 6pm.

Traveller 36689 over 4 years

Pisey Kong over 4 years

I bought ticket on 27th they said i bought on 28th. And change my sit.

Pisey Kong over 4 years

bong book over 4 years


bong book over 4 years


Ratana over 4 years

The bus is too narrow and smelly.

Traveller 53021 over 4 years

Traveller 49185 over 4 years

Chan Sila over 4 years

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