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Traveller 102808 about 3 years

Jay about 3 years

Very pleasant experience. Definitely one of the better companies at the moment. Friendly staff, free bottle of water, no music, clean van... Driver was great, not too fast, not too slow. Recommended!

Dee Dee about 3 years

Traveller 82688 about 3 years

Essi about 3 years

Van was in time and driver didn't waste any time which was great, car was nice and comfortable. I would definetly use pacific again next time!

Lia about 3 years

Great transportation service! Was clean and comfortable with good AC in the van. We arrived back in PP right on time. Would book again with them in the future.

Daniel Sok over 3 years

Satisfactory for travel

Sanika Sok over 3 years

Traveller 14203 over 3 years

Em Mesa over 3 years

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