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Kakada Sok over 1 year

Traveller 53547 over 1 year

They switched the vehicle to a smaller one which Was uncomfortable for us since we bought the first row with 3 seats.

Meng Se over 1 year

Meng Se over 1 year

Traveller 39520 over 1 year

Michelle over 1 year

Really clean and comfortable bus. Keep it up. Cheers!

Traveller 106700 almost 2 years

Krong But almost 2 years

I would say that pacific express is the great choice for transport, First the car was clean and smell good Second the driver was kind Third departure time is not delayed Forth the price is good

N almost 2 years

The driver for my previous departure drove too fast and almost got into accident at night but the timely manner is very good.

Traveller 36337 almost 2 years

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