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Savy Lyda over 2 years

Good transportation company, u can trust

Nick over 2 years

Everything was fine until they picked up an extra person that was not part of the seat assignment and they put him sitting on a bag of rice, right next to me. I was squished and this extra person was sitting on my seat. I had barely any room. It was dumb.

Sebastian over 2 years

Driver didn't speak one word English. Drove like made and we were glad to leave the bus. Bus itself was absolutely uncomfortable. Instead an express transaction there were around 15 stops.

Moona over 2 years

Mini van is old. uncomfortable seats. Not punctual. It was supposed to leave at 1PM, but ended up 30 minutes late.

Chan over 2 years

Driver drove fast and he almost hit another car. Unprofessional. Not punctual.

Traveller 84537 over 2 years

Robin over 2 years

Very good and rapid service. The van was nice and clean and we arrived in time. Thank you!

Savy Lyda over 2 years

Tom over 2 years

There were NO space for the legs or backpacks. The air condition was broken, so on the 6 hours I was in the bus, the cold air blow me on my neck, head and shoulder. Horrible! The driver spoke no word English. For good transportation, book somewhere else!!

Traveller 79605 over 2 years

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