Traveler reviews for Seila Angkor Khmer Express

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Very good 7 days

Very good

Dennis S 10 days

vey good , recommended 🤗

Dennis S 10 days

vey good , recommended 🤗

Jordan Kronen 17 days

Highly recommend this service.

Khen Sroem 22 days

Dorn about 1 month

Driver very busy with us phone, sometimes forget to look at the road , it scared me

Traveller 42304 about 1 month

Dorn about 1 month

all good

Asoka Balasuriya about 2 months

Great service. Brought forward the date and Ms. LY who handled my booking was very professional and prompt. Drive was friendly and punctual. Adequate breaks (2) were given on the way. Overall a great service.

Nivath about 2 months

Appreciated with service

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