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Tim Sothea 1 day

Traveller 52900 2 days

Driver was looking down at his phone for most of the trip and nearly caused several accidents. He was driving aggressively and using the horn several times per minute even when he was in the wrong. Cambodia roads are too dangerous to drive like this.

Traveller 43635 4 days

Good service 👍👌

Sam 4 days

Be warned if you are a tall person. There is very little leg room, and even less of the person in front of you leans their seat back. I managed by stretching out in the isle down the middle.

Blake Kaiser 5 days

Driver was very safe, professional, and friendly.

Traveller 43635 6 days

I do love Seila Angkor transports services, the van are not old and the drivers drive not too fast and too low, they know the situations of the roads and traffic. The price is suitable, feel comfortable to choose this company. Highly recommended ☺️☺️

Traveller 16432 9 days

My seat belt was broken and unusable. The wheel balance of the tire was broken and the vibration was severe.

Traveller 64869 17 days

The bus was good. It was a minivan with a side door. Sit in the middle, not in the back or the front ;) The back gets filled with bags. The driver was a little crazy, as they usually are, but he did get us there early! I'd recommend it.

Traveller 7662 20 days

Traveller 64389 21 days

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