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Traveller 108112 about 2 months

Traveller 207801 about 2 months


Pak 2 months

A few near misses

Pak 2 months

Driver was taking too many risks.

Exceeded our expectations 2 months

We were travelling from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. We considered plane but went for car due to cost. Very efficient service and comfortable ride - we were pleasantly surprised! We left at 3.40pm and arrived just before 9pm, so we made good time. Thank you!

Passenger 2 months

ជាអ្នកដំនេីរមានកូនតូចពិបាកឆ្លងថ្នល់ជាមួយវាលីណាស់ សូមឲ្យតៃកុងឡានអែបដាក់មកខាងផ្លូវដែលគ្នាត្រូវចុះផង សូមយោគយល់និងកែប្រែគោលការណ៏ក្រុមហ៊ុនសម្រាប់ស្ត្រីកូនតូចនិងមនុស្សចាស់ផង!

Vince 3 months

Good company, best experience so far. We left 30 mins late but even so arrived 30 mins earlier. Complementary water. Nice and safe driver. 2 stops (5 mins, 20 mins) for break (bathroom, food).

Charles 3 months

Driver was safe, and didn’t waste time with lots of stops and breaks

Traveller 37535 3 months

Pak 3 months

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