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Traveller 208546 3 months

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Damien 3 months

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you should not allow animal in the car …this trip there is a dog in the car and it poop everywhere. I don’t know how can you seat with 6 hrs on dog poop. this is not acceptable.

Jo 3 months

Good journey but too hot. Aircon not working properly

Traveller 218759 3 months

Phnom Penh to Sein Reap in 5h perfekt

Sam 3 months

4 hours late, arrived at 7pm instead of 3pm, bus broke down, driver was stopping for lunch which wasn’t scheduled in the itinerary as well as a toilet break. Played Cambodian music really loud for over an hour until someone had to ask him to turn it down

Kevin 3 months

The bus driver drove dangerously fast. On some legs of the journey he constantly hooted trying to get traffic out of his way. Everything else was alright, but is ultimately irrelevant if you risk death with every trip

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