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Traveller 52753 10 months

Dul Samnang 10 months

Tivea Voeun 10 months

I had a good trip with Seila Angkor.

Traveller 53341 10 months

Toyota Hiace transform to Ford Transit and seats is not comfortable. Van has no hand break. Driver stoped along the road to pee and Van is rolled because no hand break. This is kind of put all passengers in danger. Not recommended at all.

Seyla Heng 10 months

Mei Mei 10 months

The van arrived to the destination very late as they had so many stops to pick up the street side passengers.

Giuseppe 10 months

Sophea Min 10 months

Traveller 52900 10 months

The trip was good. Driver was safe and got us to Siem Reap a little early. My seat did not have a functioning seatbelt - this is important and should be fixed. The van was in good condition otherwise. One of the passengers powm in the van.

Sela SAO 10 months

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