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Megan about 23 hours

I assume the attendant on the bus is the inspector. He was rude, snarky, and did not give us any information on what was happening at any point on the trip. He also tried to make us give him $10 for the visa, which we did not need to give at the border.

Ee Kah Chian 5 days

Wifi was not working. You’re lucky if yours does.

Tara Quinn 8 days

A truly terrible experience. Bus filled with strong fumes and smoke but the driver wouldn’t stop until half of the bus was choking. It then stopped by the side of the road. No attempt to apologise. Waited 3 hours. Left PP 10am arrived 10.30pm. No meals!

Safini 10 days

The bus was broken and we have to wait almost 2hours and not all passengers got evacuated at the same time.

Duong Vitou 20 days

Timothy Scott 24 days

Too many stops. No electric on the bus. Seats too close together.

paultrademark about 1 month

Bus was ok, only people on it for last few hours and seemed to go long way to destination, over 1 hr late which isn't too bad for Cambodia

Vanna about 1 month

Good, but please promote some discounts

Cgrav about 2 months

No complaints for the price I paid!

Eliza about 2 months

Great trip. Single bed to myself. Slept like a baby and woke up in Phnom Penh right near a coffee shop :)

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