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Skaiste 1 day

Traveller 10414 2 days

Took 8hrs to get to kratie, multiple stops at stations/agencies along the way, lunch stop was at 1:45pm!

Traveller 35013 7 days

We stopped 6x to pick up ppl on the side of the road. Driver pocketed cash. Driver refused to stop at a restroom for women and children and ended up having them pee along the side of a busy road. We were 2 1/2 hours late - missed our boat because of it!!!

Traveller 47980 7 days

It was an average trip. There was some garbage left around the bus and quite a few stops on the way there but other than that it was good. Would take again.

Getoutnow 10 days

Run for the hills!!!!

Astrid X 14 days

Astrid 14 days

Traveller 21887 23 days

Eterhqo 23 days

The overall experience was satisfactory. The journey took a lot longer than expected as the driver made three long stops in just a five hour journey. Also the seats were quite hard and needed better cushions

Scott 24 days

The ride was fine given all the road construction. The driver was horn happy He'd beep his horn at anything that moved. Beeped that loud horn every 30 seconds for the first two hours of the trip. I'm not exaggerating.

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