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Jennifer CLARKE about 17 hours

Caroline Gross about 17 hours

We arrived at 3 PM instead of 1 PM !

Andreas Jorris 1 day

Great 2 days

Nice company, nice trip from Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham. Everything was fine.

Martin from UK 3 days

Night bus bed was ok, but the AC flap was missing so there was a constant cold flow of air. Luckily blanket was provided. The seated trip was 1.5h delayed when it arrived in Kampot, but ride itself was standard.

Jonny 7 days

We arrived at our destination 90 minutes late. The driver was stopping to pick people up from the roadside the whole journey.

Neil Watson 13 days

Many different bussing options in S.E.Asia. this was definitely one of the better ones we've tried. A longer route from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukeville makes this a must booking.

Sophie Nunns 13 days

I did not ride on this bus, as even though I booked the ticket a couple of days before and my place was only confirmed on the morning of the departure, bookmebus would not let me cancel the ticket as it was within 48 hours. No leniency, I won't be reusing

Horrible service! 14 days

Load/unload scooters, food, etc. Rude staff, no ans to ques Regular ETA (9am to 2pm): official arrival 5.15pm Dropped us at wrong drop off point (6km away) to favorite tuk tuk drivers to suck more money from us lost last boat and hotel for being late

Jan 16 days

No wifi on board, although they promise in the internet. The driver was the rudest and most unfriendly person we have met in whole cambodia during our 1 month travel.

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