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Nishan Shetty 7 months

Art 7 months

Your staff was so aggressive from the border

Robert Stephen Biadoma 7 months

the best from from BKK to SiemReap

Traveller 84319 7 months

Traveller 84319 7 months

Sergey 7 months

Smooth Journey 8 months

Loads of legroom, safe driver, more comfortable than expected. Border crossing to Cambodia was messy, at fault, partly staff, passengers and the system, but all well in the end. Passengers doing a little research on border crossing beforehand would help.

Edyta 8 months

Really great transport. I recommend everybody night bus to Siem Reap: departure at 1 am, comes to the border when it open and arrive at Siem Reap at about 10 am. You don't loose the whole day for transportation.Watch out only on Siem Reap for "free"tuktuk

Best 8 months

Best service

Mateusz 8 months

Very comfortable bus making trip easy. Clear guidance from crew on boarder procedures. Only wish information about additional, higher visa costs were known upfront.

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