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Tel:' 016 786 270/081 74 95 95/017 333 594


Virak Buntham is well known for its plenty of night buses and sleeper buses and hotel buses. Though the service and driver are not really good as reported by our fellow passengers, it is acceptable. If you wish to save your shopping time by departing at night time when Poipet or Bangkok is your destination, it is the only choice for you. Recently, Virak Buntham has just opened a new route, Siem Reap to Bangkok and Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City. Under its license as tour company, the one departures at 8 in the morning is a direct bus. Passengers in this journey will be facilitated at the border for VISA stamping by the driver or inspector. In Bangkok, the bus will stop at three different locations namely Kao San, Train Station, and Pharum Kao (airport).