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David Alberto 13 days

Driving like crazy, to the death limit.

Kate 13 days

Over all very good


Overall service good, but in the E-ticket should add the location station departure and arrival destination. My experience, taxi driver asked me where the station I dropped u?I forgot, fortunately have a Thai guy help me to check and called to Virakbuthan

Jose Sanchez 15 days

We’ve been left in Poipet at 7 in the mirning without knowing where to go and with two strangers that wanted money for moving our suitcases.

Mario Rossi 15 days

Cheyenne 17 days

You sold me a 12 pm ticket to a full bus. virak buntham wasn’t notified in time so they just changed my ticket to 1 pm. It was also a mini bus, not a VIP van so I got in 2 hours late and missed my ride home so I had to pay for a hotel. Wouldn’t refund me.

Sokly Luy 17 days

Staff not value customer who book by BookMeBus. Same price of $25 for ticket purchase from Virak Bunthan get more benefit than BookMeBus.

Saravorn Sao 18 days

1.Give me a wrong chair. Wrong ticket 2.Late for 1 hour 3. Spend too much time to arrive the location 4. There are a lot departure 5. No water 6. When the bus stop, they didn’t tell. Or alert for a bathroom.

Mesa Fai 18 days

The bus arrived at SR 1 hour earlier than expected. For day-time traveling it’s good, but for night-time traveling it’s difficult cuz there is nothing to do at 4am, but waiting for sun light.

Chhay 21 days

the passenger were transfer/transit in poi pet (to take another car to Bangkok) while we expect to take the direct VIP Van from PNH-BKK. This does not show or tell us in system. Very troublesome.Pls correct this.

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