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Sovana 3 days

Meimei ea 3 days

Bank charge me 2 times for 1 sit please help check

Munirathinam 5 days

what happen to my parents today morning was sad and it was worst service by your bus company,i told the staff very clearly 3-4 times that my parents dont speak English andplease make sure with driver they get down in siem reap.but at the end they go poipt

vathana 6 days

they can't find my name on the booking list but they give me a ride. The mini bus late in 1h , boarding time is 5pm

Tatsuhiko Okumoto 9 days

I informed drop off point Kampong Siem Tela gas station to driver The staff is amazing she arranged my sheet to easily got off and told the driver. But driver forgot the point and he didn't say apologize me, of course I paid tuktuk fee myself.

Linda 10 days

The busdriver stopped every 15 minutes to drop off people, to pick up people, to eat or to just talk to other people. We arrived 30 minutes later than expected. So instead of 4 hour drive (if you go direct without stopping) it took us at least 6 hours!

Rany 10 days

The bus driver was stop every 10-15 mins to pick up people & drop off people n of course we end up arrived late! I never experienced this with other companies.well they may pick up or drop off people a few time on the road but this bus stop like 20 times!

Vera 10 days

Traveller 56611 16 days

Sally 17 days

Driver is reckless, drive very fast and mindlessly trying to pass other cars. I almost see heaven

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