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Traveller 39129 about 16 hours

I slept the whole way from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. It felt like the quickest trip I ever had.

David Heng 3 days

Traveller 47162 3 days

It was a pleasant night bus ride. The single sleeping bed was quite comfortable and the AC was a bonus...

Would not recommend 11 hours same driver 4 days

I chose the quickest time stated on bookmebus to siem reap from Sen Monorom mondulkiri. It was by far the most expensive. Very expensive. It stTed 8 hours. It took 11 hours. The big point is the same driver for 11 hours. He tried. But he was tired. 11 hr

Traveller 61944 5 days

Traveller 59900 5 days

Great service.



Shreejana Basnet 6 days

I liked their service. Enjoyed

Traveller 22269 6 days

The aircon is too cold

Johan DK 7 days

Promised: 4 hour drive starting at 3.30 PM to Phnom Penh. Reality: departure 4 PM, duration >7 hours. (Young) drive was very tired, only stopped 1 time after 2 hours for 10 minutes. Very unsafe situation, especially during rain. Van was good, 1 place pp

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