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Claudia 17 minutes

The final stop is not at all on the place they display on the map. You end up spending more money on tuktuks. Also, we were told the driver wasn't going to town because of the traffic, but it was 6am, town was COMPLETELY empty. WTF...

Simon & Sarah about 8 hours

Very happy with the amount of leg room on the bus. I am tall and it was much better than any other bus we have been on. Second bus left at 4pm not 3pm. VET now stop at the edge of town. 1 tuctuc there so no choice than pay $15 to get into town

Barry 1 day

We were not dropped off at at the agreed (as per email confirmation) Arrival: , St. N. R6, Next to Sing Angkor VIlla Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia We booked our accommodation to be near the above address so that we could walk.

OK 1 day

Traveller 52405 2 days

The driver is so rude and not responsible. Worse, the way he drives is dangerous and too fast. Please report this driver. Thanks.

Traveller 91176 2 days

Silje 2 days

So - there are NO direct bus from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City. That is just Virak Bingham “selling a dream”, don’t bite it. We had to change bus in Phnom Penh, waited here for 1,5 - 2 hours for a new bus. The sleeping beds are okay, but super tiny.

Alicia Cuba 3 days

Sandra Brooks 3 days

Sandra Brooks 3 days

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