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Inbar gavish 2 days

Very narrow and small place. Not comfortable at all

Nadadi 3 days

Surprisingly a good service.The beds are ok,considering it’s a bus,we could sleep all the way through. Much better than a seat for 15 hours. Perfectly on time though they never advised where we could stop for bathroom rest. Driver was quite loud all time.

Priscilla Taruffi 6 days

Laura McKinnon 6 days

The bus left 45 minutes late from the scheduled departure, we then arrived 1.5 hours late so missed our second bus to Battambang. We had to wait a further hour and did not arrive until 9.30pm. This was (4.5 hours late). Very unhappy with this service.

Nick 8 days

Bus was comfortable and reasonably quiet. However, we were 3 hours late to our final destination... Unacceptable. Bus also made many unscheduled stops and it was hard to know when it was your stop.

Daan 8 days

Had to change bus because of problem with the first bus and the dropoff point was not even close to the one indicated when we booked the tickets, terrible service...

Jordan 9 days

The booking service is good, but the real service of transport company is not good. The seat in the vehicle is not convenient either.

Never again! This was probably the most horrible night of our lifes! 10 days

We had to cross the border between Thailand and Cambodia on foot in the middle of the night. Alone. The bus wasn't witing on the other side as promised. Everybody tried to rip us off and n the end we had to trust a randome guy and payed twice!! Scarry!

It was a total disaster!! 10 days

First of all we couldn't find the bus station because of the terrible explanation of the location. We had to pay twice because there was no bus when we arrived and the people treated us like criminals. No one could speak English with us. Never again!!

Staff thief’s 15 days

It was night bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk at night they stole the phone that was in the bag in the luggage compartment,

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