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Dint about 7 hours

Was good. Driver was careful. Was weird he didn't want to stop at my hotel when it was on the way. He stopped for other people though. So we ended up walking back to our hotel.

Traveller 44682 about 7 hours

Great driver. The only thing was weird is that he didn't stop at my hotel, but it was ok, we walked back to the hotel.

Traveller 41876 about 18 hours

I was happy with the trip. The bus departed and arrived on schedule.

Ronny Kolty about 20 hours

It was my first time to Cambodia and I didn't know what to expect so I prepared mentally for the worst case scenario. However, I am thrilled with the ride. Not much of communication though but riders seem to know the drill of what to do during the breaks.

Pochay 1 day

They don't communicate well. Instructions are not clear. They were late. The bus smelled like dead rat.

Peter 3 days

we had a slight delay,, but in general, it was a smooth ride.

Elena 3 days

Never again! This was awful service! Instead of one direct bus to Kep from Siem Reap it was 5 different buses! The staff-girls were very rude! We had to take my hevy backpacks, baby, his stroller and run to another bus or wait a long time! Awful!!! Never!

Elena 3 days

The trip was awful! It was the worst in my life! Instead of one direct bus to Kep from Siem Reap IT WAS 5 different buses! I had to wait a long every time! I had to take my hevy backpacks, baby's troller, run to another one! Awful service! Never again!!!!

Worst trip ever, don’t book with them!! 4 days

The trip from Sihanoukville to Battambang supposed to be only 9H. It wasn’t mentioned that we have to change the bus at Phnog Penh, which wasn’t mentioned by the booking. The staff was really rude and the journey took overall 13 hours!! Never ever again..

Karel Sailer 4 days

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