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Traveller 171076 over 2 years

Aircon not cool enough. The departure location in Svay is not updated in confirmation booking ticket in email .

Traveller 171076 over 2 years


Traveller 163478 over 2 years

Traveller 171290 over 2 years

Good experience for a night bus riding.

GFleur over 2 years

This is the 2nd time I've been with CAMBOTRA and it's a comfortable experience. If you have long legs it's better to share the space with someone you know or take the single bed option :)

San HK over 2 years

Traveller 171039 over 2 years

សាងឡាន នៅបាតដំបង

Leak Chan over 2 years

Samann Long over 2 years

Traveller 154345 over 2 years

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