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Guillaume over 2 years

Awfull driver, very dangerous Never more with cambotra express

Traveller 137465 over 2 years

Traveller 170515 over 2 years

Peter over 2 years

They care only for money esp. the one at Banteay menchay. I admit it was my fault by not knowing Banteay Menchay and Poipet are different, I have 2 tickets one for me and my son I plead and beg for them to re-sched not refund but they denied it. Inhumane!

Traveller 171816 over 2 years

Traveller 163709 over 2 years

Traveller 165995 over 2 years

Traveller 170097 over 2 years

Traveller 171232 over 2 years

Reinhard Emanuel Waldvogel over 2 years

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