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Angelo almost 7 years

Nessuno aveva specificato sosta a kampot che si é trasformata in un'attesa lunghissima partiti h14.30 arrivati. 19.30 compagnia non seria

Kirsten almost 7 years

The bus picked us up 3 hours late due to the driver going to the wrong hotel then leaving without us. We were then transported to Kep in a terrible broken bus and left in the office for ages. When we finally got on a bus it was so full and uncomfortable

Roman almost 7 years

Direct bus was promised, but we have to change it in Kampot for a kind of van with hard seats and open windows for aircon. The journey took 6 hrs instead of 4.5 and the driver for the second part of the trip was driving like mad.

A, almost 7 years

Very old equipment. Drivers made plenty of unscheduled stops. Blasted techno music when we entered Phnom Penh then couldn't find his own company office and tried to just drop us off on a corner. Two stars since we didn't crash or have huge delays.

A almost 7 years

Stopped to pick up random passengers. Old equipment, uncomfortable seats, and no shocks on the ancient vans. Change bus at Kampot to an old one then waited as they stopped for gas. Go with another company if possible.

Bruno Mortier almost 7 years

Booked a ticket Kep-PP, time 3.5h. Left at 7.45am, first stop Kampot to change bus, while nobody said anything. We left at 8.45h in an old dirty bus (suspension, seats). On the way stopped many times to pick up more pax. Never again ! Arrived at 12.15 h.

davey boy about 7 years

bus left 1.5 hrs late... seat belts did not work... van was rough... would not use again... driver was polite and helpful

Sarah Barker about 7 years

This was the worst and most dissapointing bus ride I've had. Firstly, it was advertised as leaving kep at 7.30am taking 3.5 hours. 6 hours later, I made it to PP. A stop in kampot and at the local market. No-one listened to us. I am really angry.

Fine but a bit late about 7 years

Scheduled for 7.30am on Bookmebus but their printed schedule and actual departure time was 8.15am . A bit annoying but otherwise fine.

Sandra about 7 years

The driver appeared to be falling asleep whilst driving, very concerned for the safely of myself and the rest of the passengers. On the trip back to kep the air conditioning was disgusting. Filthy water dripping from the vents. Extreamly poor.

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