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Beatrice Niederberger about 7 years

Holly about 7 years

The bus had no seatbelts. And, instead of taking me to Phnom Penh, the bus left late then took me to Kampot where they told me to wait 10 minutes. Half an hour later, I was put on another company's bus to Phnom Penh. I arrived at 12.30pm instead of 11am.

bob anderson about 7 years

trip was fine. no complaints. can't beat the service for $8/trip. Only issue I have is that there seems to be little communication/awareness at the bus depot about on-line bookings. This needs to improve.

bob anderson about 7 years

I booked a bus to depart at 10; it departed at 1230. There was no 10 o'clock bus. Bus was old and A/C barely was working. Trip was OK/transfer from Kampot to Kep was fine. People at the bus depot seemed to have no idea that there was an online booking.

Sabrina about 7 years

Online booking said it would be a 15-seater VIP van. In actual fact, it was a mini bus (without aircon) came 45 minutes late. Too more than 5 hours from Kep to Phnom Penh. NO MORE NEXT TIME!!

JEONGIL Moon about 7 years

Old car and full passengers

LC about 7 years

Bus left Phnom Penh on time. Short stop in Kampot to drop off and pick up passengers. Arrived in Kep at advertised time. Bus was new, clean and comfortable.

charlotte cordel over 7 years

The bus made a stop at Kampot, but when I booked my trip nothing is specify... Moreover we made a stop of more than 1 hour, it's not tolerable when we don't know this information. You have to ask the bus company to say it to the customer before

Upset traveler over 7 years

Departure time announced on Bookmebus did not correspond to the sign where the bus left. It was 3pm and not 2.30pm. The bus was late and left Kep only at 3.20pm, collected passegers, went to Kampot to change bus. No seats. Trip 5.5h with wait. Horrific!

RH over 7 years

Worst bus company ever. Dont use this company!

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