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Tony 7 months

From a 4 hours transfer to 7,5 hours transfer. Driver was 1,5 hours too late at the pick up point without any information

Traveller 79657 7 months

Andrew 7 months

This service does not take 4 hours as advertised - it took 6 hours including picking up other passengers and a lunch stop for the driver. Do not book it if you need to catch a ferry for the specific arrival time.

Emma 7 months

Definitely not a VIP van, no air con or windows so was very hot! All passengers sweating. Van left late, but at least the journey time was as stated.

Bus passenger 7 months

DONT TAKE THIS BUS! upon arrival, instantly told the bus would be late. We stopped for over 1 hour waiting for someone half way through the journey. the driver didnt take the highway, making the journey longer. stopped twice to pick up random people.

F.M 7 months

Nice driver, not driving too dangerously, seatbelt was missing. Thx for the ride.

Belot 8 months

1hour later at the departure!!!! I book for 12h45 we go at 14h!!! And stop to kampot.....

Isou 8 months


Allan Heron 8 months

The bus was due to leave at 08.00 but only left at 08.30. The driver was good but I scored low because he was constantly on his mobile phone and effectively drove most of the way one handed. The seats were very comfortable but mine had no seatbelt

Bader 8 months

There was no bus at the booked time. But people were very helpful and put me in a taxi, 4 persons in the back, but very quick and in time. Thanks to the heplful employees of ctt!

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