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Danael Paulhac about 6 years

The bus departed on time, we got a bottle of water and the air con worked well. Yet, the bus driver drove like a maniac at full speed (he used the horn at least 100 times), we reached Phnom Penh' edges from Kampot in only 2 hours.

Yago about 6 years

Ana about 6 years

The trip was good. Only 3 people in the van. Water as provided. Air con was perfect. Arrived on time. Yet, the coach is too small and straight which disallows me to incline. Will use his service again!

A about 6 years

Good driver. The bus had "only"20mn delay due to traffic in Phnom Penh but that's average. Bottle of water provided.

Urs Stehlin about 6 years

I did not use the Service, because the Trip from sihanoukville to kampot was so bad with CTT/Champa. Sorry. Please read my comments I have sent you.

JK over 6 years

Fast but scary driving.

Good for small trips over 6 years

Bus from Phnom Penh to Kampot. Bagage was everywhere. Airco was not working that well, it was quite hot. The trip took 4 hours, there was a lot of traffic in the city and i think you should always count 4 hours. Good for a small trip like this. And cheap.

Peter Kunzli over 6 years

Great service. Pity it is a Ford Transit and therefore uncomfortable.

Bart (Belgium) over 6 years

Ticket stated departure 07:30, unannounced schedule change: departure 08:00. Complementary pickup did not happen although called two days ahead of departure. Only two passengers so plenty of room in the bus. Decent driver, no reckless driving = good!

K over 6 years

Left on time, arrived as usual with traffic in PP. No wifi (don't remember if website said it had it or not). Good service overall.

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