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Great experience over 4 years

Boat was great, on time, confortable and safe, thank you

Annamarie over 4 years

Disgusting..on the day we were taken to the wrong Pier 3 Times...Rang the cruise company and they said don't worry even though you've missed the ferry today we'll pick you up tomorrow from your hotel they never came..REFUND..???

Jessie over 4 years

A bit late on my departure time but overall not bad. Friendly staff, they can understand and speak English.

Lex A over 4 years

The GTVC boarding point is at Miiya Hotel. If you arrive early, you can hang out at the boarding point while waiting for the next speedboat. From the boarding point, GTVC will arrange a bus to take you to the pier.

Groshaeny over 4 years

Personnel très serviable sur le ponton à l'attente du bateau et très bon service à bord; ponctuel.

PS over 4 years

Speedboat left late and we also went to Koh Rong, not directly to Koh Rong Samloem, which wasn’t made clear during the booking. The ride was smooth though and we were helped with the luggage.

Eliza almost 5 years

Jacob about 5 years

We were there on time, but for some reason we had to wait almost 45 minutes for a group of chinese tourist. When they finally showed up they were dropped of at Koh Rong first even though the schedule Said we were to be droppes of at Samloem first.

Homer Uy over 5 years

It's good that I asked tourist information about my trip. Then, they called the driver to pick me up because the boat was leaving from a different port. It was a bumpy ride due to the rain, but we arrived safe. The driver was good.

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