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Traveller 3196 over 3 years

Traveller 3196 over 3 years

Traveller 3196 over 3 years

Horrible - switched departure port without announcement. Bus to different port left 30 mins prior to departure and 8 people were left stranded over 3 years

Géraldine Bellegarde over 3 years

I was in port an hour early I was never called or the boat did not come. already I had paid the return while it was included in the price to go and I had to pay it again with another company I claim reimbursement I am very disappointed

David Hopper over 3 years

Knowing where to queue and boarding was chaotic! On the return trip the boat came at a different time to what we expected and knowing what was going on was most unclear which was worrying as we had a connection to make when landing.

Traveller 48799 over 3 years

Good fast ferry, just 40 minutes late. Otherwise I would recommend

sihanouk - kohrongsanloem- sihanouk over 3 years

going to KRS was a bit late and got some stop overs. Going back to Sihanouk was so fast like 30 mins only no stop over. i would book this again.

Noiw over 3 years

Hilda over 3 years

We were very happy with the promptness of GTVC. They were very helpful and loaded our belongings. They confirmed reservations promptly .

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