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Ad over 7 years

k.s over 7 years

It's no problem. I'm a Japanese. And I like Cambodia!

Z over 7 years

Julien over 7 years

Rema over 7 years

Good price, comfortable and reclining seats. It says that pick up from mayor hotels is included, but I don't know if mine is on the list. So you should send a text message or email precising if pick up is included in service, please.

Will over 7 years

Terrifying ride. There were at least ten times we almost had a serious accident and it's because the driver was going way too fast. I know if you asked all the passengers if they would be okay with arriving 20 minutes later but safely, they'd say yes.

Jayrad over 7 years

Kampot Express hires drivers who do not care for the safety of passengers or anyone else on the open road. All passengers were holding on for dear life as our driver wildly weaved in and out of traffic and passed other vehicles at inopportune times.

Pavlos over 7 years

It would be better if we wouldn't run and overtake while honking constantly and arrive a bit more late in my destination. Eitherwise everything was very good. Staff was friendly and attentive and minivan was in good condition.

Becca over 7 years

Terrible. We were put right at the back of the bus, even though we had picked our seats when we booked. Very hot and no leg room.

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