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Chum Sodami almost 4 years

Thoeun( Tino) almost 4 years

Value money

Traveller 59813 almost 4 years

There is no temperaure check before go in van. Van’s aircondition is not cold. Driver drive fast

Traveller 63267 almost 4 years

Traveller 96177 about 4 years

Kimhak Heng over 4 years

Good Fleet (Toyota Hiace with nice interior and comfortable seats) + Leaving on time as schedule + Not crowded in their office.

Traveller 96564 over 4 years

Julie Lemaçon over 4 years


KP over 4 years

No safety belt, driving over speed limit, did noy follow traffic rules, aircond not working, door fell off the van when door was not close door properly.

PP over 4 years

Did not have seat belts, was driving over the speed limit not following traffic rules, Aircond was on but didnt feel anythinf.

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