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0 11 months

Careless driving (overtake others vehicle in the risky situation, too daring)

0 11 months

Didn't stop at mid-way, only stop at the bread bakery in Phnom Penh. Randomly pick up unbooked passenger along the road. This is the 2nd time I travel with this driver and it happened both last time and this time.

Angelo 11 months

Jean marches 11 months

aging vehicle, not very comfortable seats

Traveller 49130 11 months

ជែងច្រើន ឡានគ្រលែង បូមមិនសូវល្អ។

0 11 months

Traveller 236743 12 months

Dominique 12 months

I always take Kim Seng Express to go to Kep, once a month, never been decept

Traveller 55026 12 months

Ravinder 12 months

Late service, pickup time was 8am but bus left at 11am from Phnom Penh. driver was roaming in the city to pickup other passenger.

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