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Magali D over 1 year

Very little space in minivan when full (14 passengers) Not much indication as to which can to take when more than one bus leaving. Driver goes really fast and takes many risky decisions to pass others. AC inside, small seats but fairly clean.

0 over 1 year

Traveller 237735 over 1 year

Kent over 1 year

Doug over 1 year

Overall trip was great. Return bus was comfortable but as with most buses here there drive irrationally. Drive went pass drop off point which had been agreed

Traveller 237366 over 1 year

The staff at the bus station in kampot was not very helpful or responsive. the drive was okay, although there was noch much room

Traveller 237735 over 1 year

Miguel over 1 year

The driver stoped a few times just for him… or to snack or to go to toilet but just himself and not even unlock the door. So we couldn’t leave the bus even if we wanted to or if there was some emergency situation.

Ottar Olsen over 1 year

The driver drove like he was chased by the police!. Didn't like the forced use of facemask!

Lukas over 1 year

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