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Velinda almost 4 years

The Van didn't have courtains and sun is directly me, air conditioner isn't enough and the van was hot

Emily C almost 4 years

On the way to Kampot from Phnom Penh, we actually left early! Everyone was there, they loaded us up, and we were on the road! The driver was fast, safe and friendly. The van was a great temperature. Kimseng is highly reliable.

Adele about 4 years

The drive can seem quick and dangerous but it is not the case it just the Cambodian driving style. But at the end the driver did a good job and i think that it's the fastest way to join mondulkiri. Its not only a Tourist transport but also for Cambodgian

Kenny G. about 4 years

Great experience from a to z.

Anonymous about 4 years

We broke down twice and were left sat with no idea what was going on. The journey took an extra hour and we left 15 minutes late for no apparent reason. Dust came in up under the door and filled the van with thick dust. Lack of legroom. No toilet or WiFi.

Huy about 4 years

No wifi, and detoured to Kep then to Kampot, running late arrival.

Travelers about 4 years

Chan about 4 years

Driver drives very fast. He almost hit animals on the street.

Nathalie over 4 years

The Driver was just horrible. He was just honking the whole time. There was not even a reason to do so. Permanently honking for 6h can realy get on you

Mk over 4 years

The driver was driving too fast especially in the forest area where he was driving on the left overtaking other vehicles and not being able to see oncoming traffic around corners. It made me car sick!! Too many stops for no real reason.

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