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Traveller 175788 9 days

Traveller 296730 12 days

ជាក្រុមហ៊ុនដែលគ្មានទំនួលខុសត្រូវលើការៀបចំសំបុត្រឡាន … កក់ហើយតែមិនមានសំបុត្រទៅវិញ …

Gilles Saïgon 14 days

Excellent, as always. I recommend the trip by sleepers limo bus. I liked the individual air conditioners , the confortyofbthe seat. I have slept super well during the journey. Very fast immigration control, efficiently assisted by the Kumho Samco staff.

Polin Khoeun about 1 month

Sonoran Slim 2 months

Excellent driver and competent inspector. Could have used just a bit more guidance at the border as it was congested with a lot of people from about 4 or 5 buses arriving at the same time. Overall, excellent service. Would recommend!

Steven​ aus​ Berlin 2 months

The bus was nice with sleeping seats and a lot of leg space but the USB ports don't work.

Jy 2 months

When I booked the bus,it said departure time is 10:15am but when we get the office in Ho chi minh, they told us there is no bus on 10:15am. So we got on the bus 11:00am. I wonder the time table on bookmebus is not right.

Not the best 2 months

Driver wasn’t very helpful and woke us up quite abruptly and rudely at every break stop. A 4 hour delay at the boarder and then rushed off the bus at 5:00pm again very rudely to get onto another bus with no indication of what was happening.

A good Bus for travel 3 months

Clean and carefull driving

Lee 3 months

All good. Bus got us to where we wanted to go and was relatively on time. No complaints.

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