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Young Jung Kim about 1 month

Everything was ok. Good ! More attentions to foreigners.

Daniel about 2 months

Comfy bus, only WiFi wasn‘t working. Only problem, neither the inspector nor the driver spoke englisch so we had much fun at the boarder. U should know that they collected all passports in advants and give them at the boarder to one costems official.

Alex 2 months

Our passports were taken at the border. The conductor did not explain why, as he is not fluent in English. The conductor snatched our passport from us, leaving us no choice. ISome travellers were asked to give bribes for their Visa to be processed quickly

Joseph A 2 months

Good trip, could've been faster :D

Gilles 3 months

Excellent. I set only 4 stars at accommodation, because five star goes to their new, super luxury buses. Just amazing with 1+2 seats per row, with lots of space for the legs. This is the best company on PNH-SGN route.

N 4 months

Didn’t drop at the designated bus stop. Just somewhere walking street.

Mohd Kamil Mohd Yusof 5 months

Great hospitality but actually i dont get seat i booked. Fortunately there are empty seat so i managed to hop on the bus.

Ramon Calibara 5 months

I got an email confirming that we were going to be picked up at our hotwl, but only to be told in the end Kumho Samco Bus Lines refused to do so. Hadn’t I called the bus company, we could have missed our ride! I am very disappointed!

Fenny 5 months

Hop Pham 6 months

The service was okay. There was no water or cold towel. I wish the bus driver had told us what to do at the immigration gate. Our group just stood there without our passports not knowing what to do for more than half an hour or so.

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