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Gilles 29 days

Excellent as ever with the VIP bus. Friendly inspector, and very efficient staff at the very erratic and infamous Cambodian/Vietnamese border.

Adam 2 months

Would not recommend. Constant beeping (on empty roads) so no one could sleep. Driver was always on his phone, refused to let me on the bus at the border (which took me 5 mins and the rest of the bus an hour). Dangerous overtaking.

Vin 2 months

Traveller 51507 2 months

The driver was excellent, and the bus seats were very comfortable. It took about 30 minutes longer than the smaller vans that I have used before, but was well worth it for the comfort, and it was less expensive too. I would use them again. Recommended.

Kimboung Sok 2 months


Sarah 3 months

Comfy trip with plenty of short rest stops. Departed and arrived on time, however one guest requested to be dropped off before the designated final address and they made everyone get off at the same time, about 1km from designated address.

Zhn 3 months

Everything was very nice,punctual,spacious but the driver very rude..can not speak english and think we understand what he said..


Great and safe trip. Very good service. Will be back soon..

Aonghus 4 months

Young Jung Kim 5 months

Everything was ok. Good ! More attentions to foreigners.

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