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Mohd Kamil Mohd Yusof 8 days

Great hospitality but actually i dont get seat i booked. Fortunately there are empty seat so i managed to hop on the bus.

Ramon Calibara 9 days

I got an email confirming that we were going to be picked up at our hotwl, but only to be told in the end Kumho Samco Bus Lines refused to do so. Hadn’t I called the bus company, we could have missed our ride! I am very disappointed!

Fenny 20 days

Hop Pham 23 days

The service was okay. There was no water or cold towel. I wish the bus driver had told us what to do at the immigration gate. Our group just stood there without our passports not knowing what to do for more than half an hour or so.

Vanthy NGIN about 1 month

Sopanhavichea HOM about 1 month

My booking was cancelled on my travel date because the bus cannot operate. Kumho Samco transfer us to Phoc Danh Bus which provided very poor service. Phoc Danh Bus has no seat number, driver drive like FORMULA ONE car race, etc and a lot other shit thing

Selina Aleta about 1 month

Patrick 2 months

Our trip went very well. The bus is started at time. The bus at 11:00 pm from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Ming is an old bus but very very confortable. Every think is ok on the road Ok on the road. Staff are Ok. Procedure to cross the border is optimize.

Hee Young Kim 4 months

Vantha 5 months

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