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Vladimir Radzivil about 13 hours

Wi-Fi was not working, the rest was good

1pm moved to 2:30pm sked 6 days

They ask for extra 10$ for my luggage.

Siwon 8 days

Pserson in charge of the bus was so rude. I can understand not everyone can speak English but he always yelling, no explanation why our seat number changed. We didn’t feel comfortable when we talk with staff in the bus.

Bridget 11 days

It was a good trip. The driver was very nice to us.

Yulia 14 days

I didn’t quite understand why the take 10 dollars for the child.

Lu 17 days

I arrived to the departure point to be told the bus will leave 1 hour and a half later than what it said on the ticket. As I had a flight to take I couldn't wait and they sent me in a different bus with very bad seats, no good aircon and no bathroom, bad

Timo 20 days

Drive was great and very comfy. Only thing to remark was the border crossing where I felt quite left alone with the procedure as no information was given by the staff about the next steps.

Six about 1 month

They speak only Vietnamese, so you do not understand anything when they communicate to passengers. Seats couchette are good though.

Chris 2 months

Seats on bus were broken. No explanation about border crossing just told to get on and off the bus and follow people.

Cody 2 months

Great service, would highly recommend!

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