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Arpad about 4 hours

I was affraid because of the bad review hut this was perfect. Yes, the took plus 10 $ for the visa but managed the whole procession. Me and an other passenger had some trouble on the border and they helped us to fix it as well.

Doug about 8 hours

This bus ride service was great. The inspector went above and beyond to get everyone through the border checkpoints as smoothly as possible. The only suggestion would be to have a printer at the Phnom Penh office for printing of visas.

Becky 3 days

Journey was comfortable and bus had AC. I’d read reviews about the extra charged for the visa, so we were prepared to pay $35 instead of $30, but they asked for $40 each, and wouldn’t back down. I recommend getting an e-visa before to not get overcharged.

Mio 4 days

The seat was spacious and comfortable.

Porus 5 days

Not a pleasant experience. It felt like the bus inspector was try to cheat people on board. Sorry but will surely not recommend this service.

Newman 5 days

Great service, safe driving. Only thing that would make it better would be outlets on the bus. Would use again.

Xavi 6 days

The inspector try to take of me 50e cause I passed 1 day in my visa. Hr must be to the side of his customer but ge reclaming to police a bilt for me, very desesperate becouse he can loose his comission, terrible espectacle with me and some more travele

Good trip 9 days

The Driver was careful, the seats comfortable, everything very professionell. Thanks for a good travel experience.

Big C 10 days

Traveller 53675 10 days

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