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Sithiphon Sawaengdee about 4 years

Benjamin Woroch about 4 years

Traveller 77247 about 4 years

Ivana about 4 years

The journey was pleasant and the driver drove safely. However, we arrived more than an hour late, which seems to be a normal state with this company. Get prepared for a longer journey than advertised.

Ivana about 4 years

We were picked up in our hotel as promised, left Phnom Penh on time but although the driver was speeding most of the time, we arrived in Battambang 2 hours late. The company knows the journey doesn’t take four hours as advertised, be prepared.

Ian about 4 years

Great value.

Ralf Lofstad about 4 years

A pleasant trip, the personell were very helpful.

Ambrose Walkin about 4 years

Bus arrived PP 18:00 Vs Scheduled 14:30. The bus blew a tyre near the border which took an hour to fix but no way could the trip be done in scheduled time. Seats were uncomfortable and air-con was ineffective. Driving style was rough.

No about 4 years

Guide man requests bribe at border

TSKH about 4 years

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