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Doraemon about 4 years

The service provider at Mey Hong not very knowledgeable about this online booking.

Sovichaneath Huth about 4 years

Traveller 39701 about 4 years

I Reserved a seat at infront in privatcy(single bed) in night bus but in actially they gave me at the back site in sharing bed with 5 people instead. they should inprove and response for what guest who reserve throught online as offline booking aswell.

PHUONG VO about 4 years

Traveller 40525 about 4 years

There’s so many stops along the way for picking up random passengers.

Traveller 40525 about 4 years

Veasna chhorn about 4 years

បេី​បរិយាកាស​ ក្នុង​ឡាន​ ល្អ​ជាង​ហ្នឹង​ប្រសើរ​ណាស់​

Traveller 33235 about 4 years

Traveller 33235 about 4 years

Traveller 51543 about 4 years

The AC in the bus is not cold at all. So hot and uncomfortable. Will never take this bus again!

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