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timmy 2 days

best price/value! and one stop in between for eating and WC which was very nice! will travel again with them!

0 7 days

DigiFXCambodia 10 days

Sleep bunks a bit too narrow. I advice if you book to take the middle row. The drive itself was okay, driver was not speeding or honking. If I might have a remark. No communication in English how so ever. Bit confusing for foreigners who travel.

Rakesh kumar 12 days

Uncomfortable journey.

Traveller 235983 14 days

The ride was comfortable. However we had to stop at a mechanic due to some issues with the A/C. Therefore we were 1,5 h late. We still made it on our speed boat as the driver dropped us off at the pier for a little surcharge.

yuki 15 days


0 17 days

ឡានចាស់ខ្លាំង កន្លែងអង្គុយពិបាក កៅអីបាក់ កក់កៅអី២កៅអី ១នៅខាងមុខ ជាក់ស្ដែងបានទៅអង្គុយនៅខាងក្រោយ កក់កៅអី១ទៀតខាងក្រោយមិនបាច់និយាយ ពិបាកជាងឡានកាំពីតូលចាស់ទៀត តម្លៃ៤ម៉ឺន ដាក់សុទ្ធតែ VIP Bus ទៅដល់ចប់និយាយ

JWJL 17 days

Overall much more positive and higher quality sleep than expected!

Miyuki 18 days

Good & comfortable

Manoj 18 days

This is the worst service which I was served. I booked a seat via online. They canceled the trip when I was arrived to pickup location without any prior notice. They asked to use next vehicle leave after 2 hours from PP.finally only 50% was refunded to me

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