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KH 3 days

The service of this company is not good especially the driver, i have told him two times when i am on the bus that my destination is at Kampongthom but then when reach Kampongthom he hasn't alert me until he his his break station at Stoung District. Shit!

Anthony 6 days

We left the bus station late then we made a few stops and turns along the way to pick up people. Not as good as they used to be.

Camille Nguyen-Thi 8 days

The bus was canceled but no information was given on this cancellation, I waited for the bus for a long time in a dark area and the company office was closed. No refund has been proposed by the company at this time in addition to this lack of information.

Traveller 138135 9 days

Traveller 13706 15 days

Great Service 15 days

Excellent service ! On time, very comfortable seats (2 + 1 seats only for each row so you have plenty of space), very smooth and safe driving, helpful staff. Thanks.t

Doohwan Bang 17 days

6/10/2021, I and my friends booked a bus from KANPONG THOM to PHNOM PENH. They suddenly called us that their bus got a problem, so they should cancel our bus and would like to give us refund. But until now they didn't give us refund.

Traveller 132831 19 days

driver delay the testing time up to more than 1 hour for no reason, our journey have delay due to unresponsible behavior of the driver.

Will Haines 20 days

We booked a sleeper bus, but were told on arrival that the sleeper had been cancelled and we were travelling in a minivan, which was very uncomfortable for a 6 hour journey. Many pointless stops on the way. Left SR late but at least we arrived on time.

Traveller 147698 22 days

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