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Thomas Renz almost 5 years

The beds are to small to share it with a stranger and there was only one stop to Go to the bathroom. The Bus was Late.

FPhelps almost 5 years

I booked a single seat for a night bus. The company changed buses but after a few exchanged emails this company ENSURED me I would still have a single seat. I turn up on the day, and all solo travellers have to sleep with stranger on small "double beds"

Traveller 46071 almost 5 years

We was just surprised that they accept passenger at the middle of the trip and let then sit on the narrow aisle beside our bed

Valentina about 5 years

We where suposed to be picked up in our hotel in Siem Reap, we where waiting there for an hour an the pick up never came. As we where already late we had to go on a rush to the bus location, to wait there and then be sended on another bus (not direct)

mirande about 5 years

the bus was awful and disgusting. there are lots of bugs in and outside the beds.

Stefanie about 5 years

I asked for a pick up service from our hotel to the bus station, which was confirmed by Olongpich by e-mail. It NEVER showed up, I had to get a last minute tuk tuk and the Siem Reap staff was VERY rude, unpleasant and should def not be attending clients!!

SBS about 5 years

Extremely late and poor service

Alexis about 5 years

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. As expected the bus was late but is okay as I have built in extra hour, Thanks

John over 5 years

Only one person can occupy in a bed. They are giving it to two person. Very pathetic service. Do not book this bus again. You will be getting a hell of a ride.

Adam over 5 years

You guys really need to get your shit together. I spent over 3 hours at 5am waiting for a connection from Phnom Penh to kampot with the guy saying "it will be here in 10 minutes".

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