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Traveller 290933 4 months

Marine 5 months

Dominic 7 months

Long drive but the driver stopped plenty of times for us to stretch our legs. Bus was clean but had no seatbelts

Sara Ronchi 7 months

Gerd 8 months

All went well, bus left on time and arrived on time, ample stops along the way to use the bathroom or have some food or drinks

Alessio 9 months

I didn't like the organization of the bus which had practically no trunk, the luggage was put under the seats and the other passengers put their dirty feet on it

Traveller 20799 over 1 year

Kimhong Lim over 3 years

The location of the bus station in Siem Reap is wrong. I was having a hard time trying to find the station in Siem Reap. Moreover, the staff over there didn’t know that I booked the ticket via BookMeBus and I almost got no seat.

Vuthy almost 4 years

អ្នកបើកឡានពេលមកវិញ បើកឡើងផ្តាច់ប្រលឹង (ផ្លូវកោងក៏វ៉ាដែរ) ។ ឡានដាក់លេខកៅអីមិនច្បាស់ ដាក់អោយភ្ញៀវអង្គុយឆ្លាស់ទៅមក មិនតាមលេខដែលបានទិញ។

Luis over 4 years

We arrived 1 hour late. The driver kept stopping to do some errands like buying stuff on the market, bringing people in...At some point we were 19 people on the minivan counting the driver. When we complained to him about being to many people he laughed.

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