Traveler reviews for Seila Angkor Khmer Express

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Traveller 169810 4 months


Traveller 212248 4 months

Customer001 4 months

Delay is not good. Why does driver touch the phone while driving. I never understood.

Traveller 208444 4 months

Excellent Service and Value! 4 months

Everything was effortless and enjoyable. We arrived early and had sufficient stops along the way. I would use them again and refer them to everyone looking to travel in Cambodia.

J 4 months

Driver drove fast but safe and we were in Siem Reap well ahead of time.

J 4 months

Fast and punctual. The Aircon was a bit too cold for me, otherwise great ride

Lee 4 months

We want all drivers not to touch their cell phone while driving.

Davinia 4 months

Great service and driver. We arrived on time and had a few stops for food and toilet. Thanks!

Traveller 212792 4 months

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