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Traveller 52266 5 months

​ខក​ពេលវេលា​ទៅដល់​ទី​តាំង​ ដោយសារ​ រក​ផ្ញៀវតាមផ្លូវ​។ សូម​ជួយ​កែ​សម្រួល​ឡេីង​វិញ។

Kosalkarona Hem 5 months

Lisa 5 months

We left on time (or like 5-10mins late but still ok) and arrived on time, stopped twice so it was a smooth ride. It could be nicer if you gave informations about where we should meet the car in Siem Reap bus station as there is no informations

Traveller 62979 5 months

Phea 5 months

Customer service was bad. She called me if I go then I told her I don’t go then she finish the call. It was so rude to way to talk to customer.

Traveller 80007 5 months

Traveller 67483 5 months

Traveller 85046 5 months

So good

Traveller 73298 5 months

Traveller 86359 5 months

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