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Ellie about 5 years

Arrived at Sambo Steakhouse to get our tickets. Were told a bus would take us to Pier 52. The bus was on time 11.30 but the ferry was late leaving. Tell them which luggage is yours so it makes it on the bus, it gets piled at the front after we got on.

Stéphanie Carrupt about 5 years

Marie Odile COSTERISANT about 5 years

Pour cette traversée nous étions inquiètes après avoir lu certains commentaires. Peut être avons nous eu de la chance, nos traversées A/R se sont bien passées malgré une mer assez mouvementée, l'horaire a été respecté, le personnel rigoureux et attentif.

Sophie Francis over 5 years

The ferry was quick and punctual. The staff put your luggage on board for you - be aware if you have any injuries or are older and less able as getting on and off all of these ferries involves walking along a slightly moving plank!

Denise over 5 years

All was good!

J Almeida over 5 years

Company said the trip was 45 min from sihanoukville to koh rong and it took 1h45 min to get there. It was bad.

Nadya over 5 years

Покупали билет туда-обратно на Ко Ронг Самлоем. Что туда , что обратно задержался выезд на час. Места в ваших билетах ничего не значат, кто успел какие занять - туда и сел. Сначала завозят всех на остров Ко Ронг Самлоем, а потом на Ко Ронг.

Swiss couple over 5 years

Leaving 55 Minutes to late. Not even a seat for everybody. The boat was Cambodian Speed Ferry.

Tiziana over 5 years

Everything went perfect! It’s clear that the punctuality is not a strength 😂

Natalia over 5 years

A bit confusing situation on the pier in Sihanoukville, lots of people and ferries and no one knows what to do) the ferry was good, a bit late maybe 5 minutes.

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