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Traveller 104632 over 2 years

Traveller 174753 over 2 years

Manoj Joseph vaz over 2 years

Traveller 174852 over 2 years

Traveller 174852 over 2 years

Fleur G over 2 years

Good experience! Just a small misunderstanding with the address on the ticket and the address I got when I chatted with (who were very quick to answer). In the end the bus stopped at both addresses, so no harm done :)

Traveller 175164 over 2 years

Nou Sanann over 2 years

It is save time, easy to manage schedule, selecting seat and convenience.

SG over 2 years

Driver drove fucking fast and careless. He almost hit the other cars, motors and other vehicles countless. I felt not safe honestly.

Traveller 146445 over 2 years

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