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Traveller 158633 about 1 year

Jame Joseph about 1 year

Laurent about 1 year

The van was clean, but there is little space for the luggages. When the van stops, we don't know for how long and if we have time to go to the toilets, to eat, or none of these.

SUN LYPHENG about 1 year

Traveller 85599 about 1 year

I’m your client but this service is worse from day to day. Punctuality is the worst I use VIP service because I have urgent/saving my time, why do you need you change Van. it’s waste so much time to wait. I hope you review your service flow again.

Traveller 8176 about 1 year

Chum LANG about 1 year

Traveller 39856 about 1 year

Traveller 39856 about 1 year

Traveller 56611 about 1 year

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