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Rain almost 3 years

No seatbelts! Very fast driver and not very polite to passengers.

Traveller 42387 almost 3 years

Traveller 60672 almost 3 years

Traveller 60672 almost 3 years

Traveller 69379 almost 3 years

Thanks for your take our arrived home and safety.

Traveller 10696 almost 3 years

Traveller 10394 almost 3 years

Reaksa Kong almost 3 years

Met crush

Bethany about 3 years

None of the Poipet staff spoke English which made communication very difficult, especially as the office is not where the map says it is and a driver had to pick me up to go to the next town over.

Traveller 9712 about 3 years

No Transparency! Company doesn’t have office at Poi Pet. Taxi picked us after departure time to get on the van at BMC. In stead of using regular van, Siena was used in stead. Anyway, Driver did perform well in order to bring us in time but too speedy😩!

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