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Traveller 56611 over 2 years

Traveller 97648 over 2 years

Sam over 2 years

Good from btb to pp. But from pp to btb was upset because the time was delayed.thanks

Traveller 32780 over 2 years

ធ្វើរដំណើរមិនមានភាពងាយស្រួល តែងតែផ្ទេរឡានពីកន្លែងមួយទៅកន្លែងមួយ

Traveller 87552 over 2 years

Not the most pleasant journey. over 2 years

Very little legroom between seats.Poor road conditions led to some risky driving manoeuvres.

Henry over 2 years

They obviously installed the seats themselves, there is no leg room whatsoever, and it's a 7 hour ride

Srim Kimsreang over 2 years

Dannick over 2 years

Very good company ! I will book here again

Sarah over 2 years

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