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Traveller 94296 about 2 years

Traveller 97425 about 2 years

Clean bus which was disinfected before passengers got on. Bus was 30 mins late but passengers were informed of delay. I would use this company again.

Traveller 108287 about 2 years

Sarith Nob about 2 years

Traveller 119117 about 2 years

Traveller 107433 about 2 years

Good service

Traveller 121588 about 2 years

Very good service and driver is very friendly.

Traveller 56167 about 2 years

Cambotra Express is low service too much. I had been trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Provice last week. And I know this company not yet have bus stop at Siem Reap Provice and why the driver when arrived at Siem Reap Provice he doesn’t ask the customers.

Traveller 106469 about 2 years

Traveller 106469 about 2 years

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