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Denise about 4 years

It seems totally chaotic but it works! The driver was super safe - no manic overtaking and almost on time!

M about 4 years

Traveller 73315 about 4 years

No AC.. bad move Otherwise ok The trip will take at least 4 hours so be more honest with that

Traveller 73315 about 4 years

Late but we got there ok

Uncomfortable Journey about 4 years

Van did not have functioning air conditioning and I was crammed into the back seat

Lily about 4 years

The bus ride was ok. The roads were bumpy but obviously not the companies fault. We were meant to leave at 1:30 but didn’t Leave until 2:15 and some people has been waiting since 12:30 for the bus. The bus itself had semi efficient AC and average seating.

Traveller 81570 about 4 years

Uncount Stops without prior notice for other passengers

Traveller 81570 about 4 years

Punctuality and comfort and service don’t even deserve one star! 2hr 30mn waiting for transit. Old car, the door could not closed properly. Not gonna use this company again.

François about 4 years

It was not Champa Mekong but another company. It was 1 hour late and we also waited 15 minutes before departing. Would not recommend

Traveller 7807 about 4 years

I don’t like it when the vehicle is changed without prior notice.

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