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Traveller 64555 almost 5 years

Montse herrero almost 5 years

More than 2 hours late, so we didn’t arrive to the border. They didn’t want to put us in the first bus in the morning, said there was no bus at 8 Am but it was In the time so we had to pay for taxi, they said they pay half but only gave our half to driver

Ride on the 21st of August almost 5 years

We were told that we were supposed to arrive at 6pm at phnom pen (it was written on the ticket we booked) and we waited for an hour and half at Kampot with no explanation apparently this was a routine... very disappointing ! And we arrived at 8pm..

Cathy Pflaumer almost 5 years

Bus from Kampot to Sihanoukville, departure 15.30. They let me wait till 15.35 to finally bring me to the other bus agency. Waited until 16.20 for the bus to depart. Driver threw us out 2km away from the normal end point. So I payed 2 USD more for Tuktuk

Lea almost 5 years

Waited for one hour, bus never came to pick me up

Quentin Vilet almost 5 years

We booked the bus online from Sihanoukville to Kampot. When we arrived the day after in Sihanoukville, the girl in the office told us that the main office didn’t call Sihanoukville’s office. Every bus of the day was full. We had to take a taxi for 45$

Traveller 69440 almost 5 years

Papa Gogo almost 5 years

Last time I take this company, driver drive too fast for 2019 in Cambodia, no camera to check him and overloaded people inside, not comfortable.

Blice One almost 5 years

The van was late, the driver was rude, the interior is old and unkept and the overall experience wasn't the best. Wouldn't recommend as there are better alternatives.

Hanne - Denmark almost 5 years

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