Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van

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Traveller 59697 1 day

Traveller 8716 1 day

Excellent 1 day

Left at a reasonable time. Considering the state of the highway it arrived in good time. Quick efficient and friendly service. Happy to recommend.

Traveller 42410 3 days

The seat is too small and uncomfortable

Traveller 63526 3 days

Susanne 7 days

Very good and save driver . Not ok to Stop earlier than end bus stop for tourists to be cheated by overpriced tuktuk driver.

Danny O 7 days

A few extra stops along the way but driver was safe and cautious and still arrived earlier than schedule.

Traveller 59813 9 days

T 10 days

Driver and bus were fine no complaints. just no WiFi as advertised

Traveller 48159 11 days

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