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Duong Vitou about 20 hours


Traveller 8220 1 day


William 2 days

Transport and service exactly as advertised, well done.

Matt 2 days

Great service, we booked two tickets from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and the bus arrived on time, the driver was safe but also made good time. The bus was comfortable with decent A/C, however the WiFi was slow so we just used mobile data so it was no issue!

Chu fui ling 4 days

Heyhey 5 days

Ashleigh 5 days

Appalling. Left at 7.40 got there with about 8 minutes to spare to catch last ferry. Kicked off and had to pay 30$ USD for a ten min ride to ferry. Disgusting service. Sat by the road for 40 min too. Would like a refund but good luck. Absolute joke.

sina 5 days

Safest driving I ever had in a minivan in Cambodia

Traveller 15602 8 days

The driver is so good, not too fast but on time. The car is clean and aircon is not cold. Could improvre aricon.

Traveller 76461 9 days

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