Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van

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Saeid Alinezhadian guys 1 day

Pit 2 days

Good car, safe driver.

Claudia 3 days

Andy 4 days

Wifi not available

Henrik 4 days

Wifi did not work and the bus was really very full with people and luggage. Overall a satisfying trip, however I wonder if this VIP van service is not a bit overrated in the various forums.

Chris 5 days

Peter 5 days

Friendly, relaxed, efficient and safe trip.

Eleanor Smith 6 days

Janey 6 days

Clean bus with room, ac but controlled by two front passengers, safe travelling as solo female BUT no Wi-Fi which was one of the rains I had booked this particular bus.

ALESSANDRO Spagliardi 6 days

Not clean and especialy is not possible that the driver stops every 1,5 hours and Seat 20 minuts for eat (only him while the passengers wainting)

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