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JP about 14 hours

Very smooth trip, left from Siem Reap and arrived to Phnom Penh ahead of schedule! Driver was good, the bus was comfortable, and the WiFi even worked (part of the trip)! Would recommend this company.

Gavin Tsai about 21 hours

Very punctual service and good driving. water bottles were provided. It's a short journey so only one toilet break was scheduled which is understandable. I will continue to use their service for sure.

Jodie 3 days

Bus broken before departure, waiting 1 hour at bus stop until we were told to get on another bus from a different company. Booked a VIP van and got a coach! Took 2 hours more than it should have. Wouldn't recommend, not reliable

Good Day 3 days

The ride to Kampot was pleasant. The driver was prompt and drove safely.

sila 4 days

Good driver, friendly. Thank for a comfortable trip 😉

Bob Anderson 4 days

absolutely the best ride that I have experienced in Cambodia. Everything was 5 star. Highly, highly recommend this company over all others. Not even close.

Overall it was fine 6 days

Company forgot to tell the driver to pick 2 other guests on the way (don't know, just my theory). Driver was kinda too fast on the hole filled road. Huge traffic (no ones fault). So from original 4hrs it became 7hrs. But overall it was good. Recommend.

Savoeurn 6 days

Good driving and be on time. Thank

Sam 7 days

It was a great travel :)

Khmer 8 days

Still the best of the minibus companies in Cambodia, even though we arrived late on this trip. Friendly bus driver, safe driving

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