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Traveller 1213 about 6 hours

Traveller 34942 1 day

There are alot of stop to take more passenger on the way so arriving the destination late.

Gavin Tsai 1 day

As usual, nothing to complain about rhos company. Safe driving and vehicle kept in good condition. Still my fav VIP van option.

Lay Virya 3 days

S 3 days

Left on time, 1 seat/person, AC works well. B/c of road construction driver took road to Kep, but then totally passed Kep to go to Kampot first as per his order, which meant Kep passengers had to sit on an extra half hour over what should be travel time.

Malin Lok 3 days

Santran Pisak 4 days

Sok Vatana 6 days

VC 6 days

Sooo much traffic on the way, but I can’t blame the driver since it’s khmer new year. However the AC was not working well at all! The 7 hour ride was not enjoyable due to the humidity in the bus.

Marina 7 days

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