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Traveller 35013 about 24 hours

The ride was decent. I hate when they stop to pick people up along the way. Why don't these people meet at the pickup spots and quit making everyone else be inconvenienced...that's irritating! Many people complain about this, but they don't seem to care!!

C. about 24 hours

Rikkert 2 days

Best transport in Cambodia

Kelly 5 days

Absolutely terrible ride. The driver picked up about 10 hitch hikers and dropped them off at their location in our general direction. What was supposed to be 5 hours ended up being 7 despite the speeding and terrifying overtaking resulting in close calls.

luan vietnamese 5 days

good trip

Cindy Bogan 5 days

Fantastic service a always! Even the office staff are so obliging & really helpful. Keep it up. Cambodia Post will always be my first choice travelling to the places they cover. Well done!! :-)

Annalise Brusoni 5 days

We did a previous trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and it was great. This time we left 30 minutes late, the driver was not prudent, he did not take us to the post office in Sihanoukville. Everybody was pushed out in the middle of nothing! No good

Antonella 7 days

A good cimpany

Andrey 7 days


Dovile 7 days

The bus left and arrived to destination on time. On the way it stopped once to drop off mail and once for toilet break. It was english speaking radio station on which wasnt too loud, there was aircon too. Overall very comfortable ride.

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