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TK 9 days

The van wasn't too comfortable, but it was functional. The worst annoyance was when we stopped for lunch, and were told to get on the bus now, before we could complete payment with the restaurant.

Shinji 10 days

Sarah 11 days

The driver spent pretty much the whole time eating or on his phone. Despite driving much slower than other buses, taking over 6 hours with no traffic, I did not feel very safe as his attention was not on the road. I would not use this company again.

Jassy Seng 11 days

Traveller 79336 13 days


MEAN Sovannora 15 days

MEAN Sovannora 17 days

Sok Makara 19 days

Leng Chhaymov 21 days

Good Services

Traveller 32780 23 days

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