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Traveller 36247 19 days

Modern Coding 9 months

Modern Coding 9 months

The van to Siem Reap left Phnom Penh at 2pm, on time. Arrival in Siem Reap was to be 8pm; the van arrived 30 minutes earlier, the driver rode safely, with a 20-minute break. 6 hours is accurate; any company announcing less is lying or has mad drivers!

Traveller 135584 9 months

Traveller 93529 10 months

គីមឆេង ហ៊ 10 months

G-Customer 10 months

+ Very good drive - Need more cleaning on seat * Overall, great service offered and love to travel again

Keith B 11 months

I always use this service between SR & PP. Clean, safe driver, reliable & always on time 👍

Angela Merkel 11 months

Traveller 125072 11 months

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