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Imke 1 day

Really good

Ludas Matyi 4 days

Cynthia 8 days

Traveller 7807 8 days

Verena 8 days

Good service, left on time from post office in PP and arrived in Kampot 3 hours and 15 minutes later, including a rest stop on the way.

Elyse B 9 days

Really disappointed with Cambodia Post bus service. Only good thing was the bus left on time. Once we left, seemed like we stopped every 45 minutes to pick up another passenger or envelope. Driver was unfriendly, bus cramped, & arrived almost 1 hr late.

Solid, on-time option 9 days

I took the minivan from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. We arrived in almost exactly six hours. The driver left promptly and made two quick stops along the way for bathroom/food. Little explanation in English, which was fine. Room for (reasonable) luggage.

Someth HOR 17 days

Small potato 17 days

Not as good as I thought would be. poor communication due to language barrier.

Rebecca 21 days

The vam was one hour late (we arrived 1.5 hours later then expected) and we didn't get much information while we were waiting for the van. The drive itself was fine.

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