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Traveller 97648 11 months

វាសនា ភឿន 12 months


sOPHOAN lIVAN 12 months

ឡានប្រៃសណីយ៍ មួយនេះបើកបរល្អណាស់! ស្មើជើង តាមគំនូសល្បឿន ៤០ដឹងសែ ៦០ដឹងហុក ៨០ ដឹងប៉ែត។ សុំសរសើរ🎉🙏🏻💐This Post Office Van Driver was driving very well! Drove according to the signs speed limits: 40, 60, 80, without major over-speed. Must Praise and Thanks!

Traveller 67394 12 months

Sri Da 12 months

May Rathany 12 months

Very comfortable van driver polite and professional driving , helpfully,clean , on tome leaving from departure

Traveller 105951 12 months

Traveller 14203 about 1 year

Makara Ung about 1 year

It is good

Peter Berrelly about 1 year

Used these a few times.good service.never late. Highly recommend.

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