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Aziz 3 months

Better than the more expensive virak and larita

LuDu 3 months

Traveller 219135 3 months

Driver asked is there was any possible if I could share my seat to other people, for which I already paid in full price. for my oppinion it's not fair for customer who did not received full comfort whilst the driver intend find additional cash.

German Couple 3 months

We were the only two seats booked in the minivan and started the trip on time. The driver picked up a couple of people on the way but that was totally fine with us. We arrived on time in Phnom Penh and would definitely choose to drive again with them!

Traveller 23004 3 months

Too many stops for on-the-road pick up leading to late or delay arrive estimate time. Driving a bit faster and chaotic with always horning! Noisy

Traveller 232877 3 months

Traveller 98581 3 months

Traveller 232385 3 months

PP to SR: This is not a 5hr15min trip! 3 months

Are you a professional bronco rider? Do you enjoy being late for appointments? Then is bus is for you! You’ll be late and nauseous! What was once my top choice for travel to and from PP and SR has officially become the worst!

Wi-Fiは使えない 3 months


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