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KAN 2 days

+Car departs on time +Good driver

Liao Pi Hui 5 days

I and my family took Ekreache from Kompot to Phnom Penh. The seats were OK. The driver was good on the day, nothing wrong. The getting on broad place is easy to find and the dropping off point as well. Only one that the space for luggage is not big enough

Kakada Chheang 7 days

Seat space is a bit tiny and uncomfortable, driver drives over the speed limitation, won't recommend at all.

Khmer 11 days

Better than average by Cambodian standards. Typical aggressive driving but the driver did leave exactly on time and we only arrived half an hour late

Irresponsible driver 18 days

Okay company. But the driver drove very irresponsible and kept talking on the phone very loud.

Christophe Minne about 1 month

Very punctual and really good driver!!

Lars Krause about 2 months

Alessio about 2 months

Safe company, wifi and water would be nice

Damien 2 months

Very good service. On time, good van, good temperature and quiet. I advise this van company.

Fiorenzo 2 months

Drive to fast and dangerous.

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