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Thomas Vandenhouten 5 days

Vzey smooth trip, took less than three hours thanks to a very quiet traffic

Bao 6 days

Reliable & fast driver. Departed and arrived on time, slightly packed in the mini van, AC working fine.

Kristine Andersen 11 days


Q 12 days

Pin on map is not same as actual location. Good thing the operator called 5 mins before departure. Had to rush on foot to make it on time. Seats were comfortable but not much leg room. A.C. was unsatisfactory. No Wi-Fi on board but there is free water.

Very pleasant 21 days

A good driver and was on time. Arrived an hour later in PP but that was only because of the traffic in PP. We had 1 stop during the trip and it was perfect.

L 21 days

Speedy and efficient 27 days

Speedy and efficient transport - would book the service again...

Christine 27 days

We start punctuality, but their was now WiFi. And the bus was old and not very clean and there was not much space. The driver drove very fast. We had a lot of stoops, thats fine. If the driver speaks English you can go of, where you want.

Poramey Choeun 29 days

Driving way too fast feel unsafe. I will not ride again ever.

Susanne about 1 month

Totally okay.

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