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senghour mey about 21 hours

this travel is good. and the driver is so friendly. Thank you

Traveller 18261 about 22 hours

Traveller 18261 about 22 hours

Atsushi 5 days

Support agent is bad 9 days

Bus is good but Bookmebus support agent is terrible. I want to change my booking but can't never reach out to them as their phone doesn't work or not pick up

Local people 10 days

Very bad driver. He was on the phone while driving. The van left quite late based on the actual time. The driver got flu but didn't wear a face mask. He was sneezing most of the time. Very bad lobby

Karen 11 days

Driver spent a lot of time on his phone

Traveller 262346 12 days

Traveller 262346 12 days

Robin 15 days

The air con blower fan was not cold! The van only stopped once, so during the the rest of the 3hr 20min journey, having no windows and doors open, we should have freezed, but instead all 15 passengers were sweating🥵🥵🥵🥵

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