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Traveller 287499 3 months

Traveller 305041 3 months

John 4 months

The driver almost caused a major accident due to his very aggressive driving style. He lost total control of the van at one point and then barely managed to not collide head on with a big truck. If you love your life, DO NOT choose this company !!!!!

Rache John 4 months

The bus was 45 mins late. The driver drove fast enough to make up a bit of time though.

Rache John 4 months

The driver was sometimes rude. He has double standards by not allowing foreigners to speak but allows Cambodian people to. He is also an unsafe driver, uses his phone all the time and driving with one hand at night.

Vichet 4 months

Traveller 140558 4 months

Driver made serveral stops to pick up customers, one lady changed her orignal departure time and driver stop in middle of the street and wait for her nearly 20mn!

Traveller 292207 4 months

On time and good staff in the office. Ride was okay

Traveller 284101 4 months

Joyce 5 months

Everything on time, left on the 8:30 am bus, polite and helpful staff

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