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Traveller 211070 4 months

Traveller 211070 4 months

Traveller 48157 4 months

Annie J 4 months

Driver was safe with his driving, and kind and helpful when I felt unwell

Jan 4 months

Everything was fine and on time

Christiane 4 months

Relaxing Travel

Phil 4 months

I have used this service 4 times between Phnom Penh and Kampot. First three were 5 stars, unfortunately this time, late setting off, stopped after 10 minutes still in Phnom Penh for a break! Picked 2 people off on route, squashed in as the bus was full.

Happy Passenger 5 months

Very nice new van and comfortable seats. Safe driver. Arrived in Phnom Penh on time. Very helpful in tracking down an item I accidently left in the van. Overall, highly recommended.

stefaan wauters 5 months

It is a pity that, on the way back to Phnom Penh you don't provide a stop nearby the airport.

Bruno anr 5 months

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