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Q over 1 year

I booked my return at the island as soon as I arrived at the pier. The booth indicated departure time, but as I went before said time (1445) to take the ferry, it left at 1430 which fucked over my connecting bus out of SHV. Beware!

Rith over 1 year

The staff on the boat are friendly and helpful. The boat reach Long Set beach in 30 mins only.

Suffered by overbooking over 1 year

Unfair to have almost no seats left for passengers who have booked months in advance because of overbooking by gtvc during Chinese new year.

Emma Halliday over 1 year

We were allowed on the 11am boat as we arrived early. However, this was at 11:40am and the boat didn’t leave until 12pm. Some people had been sat on the boat for 1 hour. Once we got going, the trip was relatively smooth and the stop at Koh Rong was fast.

Traveller 49020 over 1 year

Dreadful. Chaos. Defensive ticket collector stopping us from boarding. Different pier at arrival. Very steep climb out of boat with bags requiring younger legs to make it. There must be a better way of organising this. Doesn't require much effort.

Harriet over 1 year

We were told the ferry was at 4pm so needed to be at check in for 3:30pm. At 3:50pm we asked why we weren’t moving from the minibus. They took us to the ferry and then we were told it wasn’t leaving until 5pm. Poor communication and not punctual at all.

Zied almost 2 years

The pickup location is wrong, just go directly to the pier. Also dont waste your time selecting a seat on internet, the boat will anyway be smaller than announced and there will be people standing outside during the trip. Chaotic organization.

Stephen S almost 2 years

Has almost 2 years

Duperron Daniel almost 2 years

Very bad trip ! The staffs of the speed boats give the priority to the passengers with a ticket bought in a local agency. We had to wait. But finally it remained no place for us. Same thing with another boat but, at the end, the staff was pity of us !

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