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Delphine about 13 hours

Traveller 94249 3 days

GTVC Speedboats 3 days

The journey was as expected, swift & near enough on time. The problems with the trip were solely down to the staff working the operation. Both booking office & on board staff were arrogant, immature & untrained in customer relations. All need training.

Traveller 88788 5 days

Shane 7 days

We asked at each pier if it was Long set beach and the said no. So we got to the last pier and asked again and were told that it was the first pier. So we had to get a taxi boat back at our own expense. So not well informed. Regards Shane Knox

Marco 21 days

Sihanoukville harbor is THE CAOS. Any signal concerning boat departure pier. We waited for our boat more than 2 hours without any clear explanation. If you really wants to get to Koh Rong please be well prepared to be patient.

Traveller 91336 22 days

Dean 22 days

Overall a great service. Online booking was easy you can print ticket/electronic version. Outbound boat was a smaller and very comfortable, the return journey boat was bigger and less comfortable maybe due to the sea conditions. Booking return was easy.

Angela 23 days

Restricting access to the pier at both ports and only allowing people onto the pier with valid tickets for the next ferry would benefit everybody, both ferry companies and passengers. Total chaos trying to board ferries.

Sam 27 days

Took the GVTC speedboat. They had a few more people than the available seats. Fast and on time

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