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Jane Thomas 2 days

Perfect service - no issues

Traveller 5968 3 days

Radek 10 days

Very unpunctual.

Lisa UK 11 days

Easy online booking, probably paid more than just turning up $15 return but it was worth it for peace of mind. It was organised chaos at the pier but we were signposted to our speedboat by staff without fuss. Great punctual 30 minute crossing. Loved it.

Yaki Luzon 12 days

The boat left 30 minute later than planned

Jeremy Laube 17 days

Good company

FC 27 days

Relatively fast and comfortable.

Q 29 days

I booked my return at the island as soon as I arrived at the pier. The booth indicated departure time, but as I went before said time (1445) to take the ferry, it left at 1430 which fucked over my connecting bus out of SHV. Beware!

Rith 29 days

The staff on the boat are friendly and helpful. The boat reach Long Set beach in 30 mins only.

Suffered by overbooking about 1 month

Unfair to have almost no seats left for passengers who have booked months in advance because of overbooking by gtvc during Chinese new year.

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