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Traveller 125844 17 days

Traveller 125844 17 days

Traveller 116482 18 days

Staff let everyone on the boat and don't really see what time they departure. Some customer bought the ticket to departure at 11:45 and couldn't get on the boat because some 3:00pm also can get on the boat. លក់សំបុត្រមិនមើលចំនួនមនុស្ស។

Traveller 126249 18 days

Left on the pier waiting for 4 hours due to the boat being overbooked. Awful service.

Traveller 125843 19 days

J 22 days

Online tariffs higher than those practiced at the port (not differentiating adults and children online while there is a children price at the port and children under 6 don’t pay). Overall we paid 66% more by buying online :-(

Traveller 113394 4 months

We still stuck at Koh Rong, could not go back to Sihanoukville

Traveller 102202 7 months

Traveller 102202 7 months

Successful online reservation does not guarantee your reserved (already selected date and time) seats unless you have to call to confirm the availability again with staff

Traveller 101232 7 months

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